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China vows to scrap export subsidies


New US complaints about China to the World Trade Organisati­on could harm trade relations, China said yesterday, but at the same time Beijing signalled further cuts in export subsidies that have also angered Washington.

The flurry of comments followed two separate US complaints over intellectu­al property rights (IPR) and market access for films, music and other media.

Washington said it wanted China to respect the obligation­s it made when it joined the WTO in 2001, but Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Wang Xinpei said the complaints would “seriously undermine” trade relations.

The official China Daily said the US decision “clearly shows that protection­ism is rising in the world's No. 1 economy”.

But separate comments by another Chinese trade official suggested that, despite the tough talk, Beijing was moving to respond to another complaint the US brought before the WTO earlier in the year.

Wang Shouwen, head of the commerce ministry's foreign trade department, was cited by the China Business News as saying Beijing would make it a priority this year to scrap export subsidies.

Washington filed a complaint in February over nine such Chinese subsidy programmes, saying they unfairly harmed the US.

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