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Hamilton’s role at McLaren draws praise


Former Formula One winner Jean Alesi is pleased with the evolution of the McLaren team, brought about by driving sensation Lewis Hamilton.

“McLaren used to have a reputation of not being a fun team. They were more of the discipline­d type who did not allow fun to creep into their work ethics,” Alesi said. “But this is no longer the case now, as young drivers such as Lewis have brought in something so fresh and new to the sport at large and specifical­ly to the McLarens,” the Frenchman added.

“You can see the difference in the entire team set-up. The mechanics are so happy doing their bit for McLaren. The team has started a new sort of passion. It is a driver like Lewis who brings in that new aspect of freshness to the team and to the sport,” Alesi said. “This is definitely good for the sport.”

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