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Blackhawks win first pick in NHL draft


The Chicago Blackhawks won the National Hockey League draft lottery on Tuesday, gaining the first overall selection in June's draft.

Based on the inverse order of regular-season finish, the Blackhawks had the fifthgreat­est percentage (8.1) of picking first.

Under the lottery system, only the five teams with the fewest points had the chance to win the first overall selection. No team could move up more than four spots and no team could move backward more than one. But the Blackhawks won the lottery and will have the top pick for the first time in club history.


"We're obviously very excited about winning the lottery," Blackhawks general manager Dale Tallon said. "It's a great opportunit­y for us to continue to turn things around. This is a great break for our organisati­on. It allows us to keep adding pieces to the puzzle."

The Philadelph­ia Flyers, who had the greatest chance to win the lottery, will have to settle for picking second.

The third pick went to the Phoenix Coyotes, who are followed by the Los Angeles Kings and Washington Capitals.

The 2007 draft, which will be hosted by the Blue Jackets at Nationwide Arena, takes place over a two-day period, with the first-round selections being made on June 22 and the subsequent six rounds being held the following day.

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