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100 Miles follows the story of Miles McManus, an attention-deprived schizophre­nic. One night Ted Garcia, an old rival, wakes up in Miles’s bathtub all tied up, only to be accused of raping a girl, Annabelle James.

Ted swears that the hideous act never happened and that he and Annabelle are actually seeing each other.

As the grisly night continues, Miles remembers it was Annabelle’s stepfather, Jonathan Rivers, who had hired him. Little by little, both men discover the underlying motive: Money. Annabelle’s mother had left a fortune to her and she is the only way that Rivers can get to it.

Miles is soon confronted by the kidnapping of Annabelle, which will naturally turn into murder once all the money has been transferre­d. Having been played for a fool, Miles vows to make things right. But does he have time?

You’ll just have to hope the film is selected for a screening at the Dubai Internatio­nal Film Festival.

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