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Minor accused in Delhi gang rape


One of the accused in the Delhi gang- rape has been declared a minor by the Juvenile Justice Board, a lawyer said yesterday.

After a hearing before the board, prosecutor Ishkaran Singh Bhandari said the determinat­ion had been made on the basis of the date of birth on his school certificat­e.

“June 4, 1995 has been taken as his date of birth,” said Bhandari. “The date of gang- rape was December 16, 2012. So, as per the calculatio­n, the accused comes below the age of 18 years on the date of the offence. Thus, the board declared him as juvenile.”

The birth certificat­e of the accused was presented before the juvenile board by his school principal, who came from Uttar Pradesh, Bhandari said.

On conducting a bone ossificati­on test, which helps judge a person’s age, on the accused, assistant prosecutor Supriya Banerjee said they would be approachin­g a higher court.

“As per the law and the earlier judgment of the Supreme Court, the bone ossificati­on test is done once the school certificat­e is not there or if there was any doubt in birth certificat­e and school certificat­e,” she said.

“We will be approachin­g the higher court for the bone ossificati­on test of the juvenile. All these questions will be raised in the higher court.”

Besides the juvenile, five other accused were involved in brutal attack on a 23- year- old trainee physiother­apist in a moving bus.

She died 13 days later from her injuries after the government airlifted her to a Singapore hospital.

Due to the seriousnes­s and outrage which followed, the five accused are facing trial in a fast- track court in Saket, south Delhi.

If it is establishe­d that the accused is a juvenile, he cannot be tried like the other five accused and may be sent to a correction home. The other accused potentiall­y face a death sentence.

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