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What can the UAE do to ad­dress the prob­lem?


Dr Baslaib listed the steps the UAE health care author­i­ties were tak­ing to ad­dress CVD’s high in­ci­dence:

“The GCC heart registry has all im­por­tant data on CVD in the UAE which helps us get a clear pic­ture of the chal­lenge we face. We have be­gun screen­ing peo­ple at a younger age - 35 - for CVD, to be able to catch the con­di­tion early and in­ter­vene.

The govern­ment has levied taxes on car­bon­ated and en­ergy drinks, and cig­a­rettes to dis­cour­age these habits.

Early screen­ing: Taxes on en­ergy drinks: Health plan in schools:

Catch­ing obe­sity in the early stages is im­por­tant and the health author­i­ties have in­tro­duced health plans in schools, serv­ing healthy and bal­anced foods in schools, apart from run­ning fit­ness pro­grammes.

“These and other ini­tia­tives will help us ed­u­cate the com­mu­nity, cre­ate greater aware­ness about heart con­di­tions and tackle the is­sue be­fore it turns into a full-blown dis­ease,” added Dr Baslaib.

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