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Sev­eral fac­tors come into play

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Many teenagers and young adults do find it dif­fi­cult to in­ter­act. It can some­times be be­cause of the en­vi­ron­ment at home and be­cause the teenagers are not able to have very mean­ing­ful in­ter­ac­tions with their par­ents and are not able to go out very of­ten, ei­ther, be­cause of strict par­ents.

To­day the awk­ward­ness comes from a lot of other per­spec­tives as well. My chil­dren tell me that if you have very few friends, peo­ple be­gin to won­der what’s wrong. A lot of other fac­tors come into play as well – the in­ter­net is to blame for sure, as their pres­ence in the vir­tual world is so much that they fail to dis­tin­guish be­tween the real and the vir­tual. This does af­fect men­tal health to an ex­tent. Fam­i­lies, too, can be quite re­stric­tive. When chil­dren are un­able to spend time out­side the house be­cause of parental re­stric­tions, when they do meet their friends or peers they don’t min­gle much be­cause they think they are not as cool as the oth­ers and feel they will not be ac­cepted. From Ms Ruby Sa­hay

High­school teacher in a school in Shar­jah

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