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Key poll is­sues in Te­lan­gana


Te­lan­gana sen­ti­ment:

In all his elec­tion speeches, care­taker Chief Min­is­ter and Te­lan­gana Rash­tra Samiti supremo K Chan­drasekhar Rao high­lighted the role he and his party played in the more than a decade-long move­ment for sep­a­rate Te­lan­gana. He con­tin­ues to con­trast this with the dil­ly­dal­ly­ing by then rul­ing Congress and the dis­rup­tive role of the TDP.

Sops for farm­ers:

While the TRS is seek­ing sup­port from farm­ers, cit­ing 24-hours free power sup­ply and schemes such as in­vest­ment sup­port and free in­sur­ance for farm­ers as its ma­jor suc­cess, Congress pres­i­dent Rahul Gandhi made fre­quent ref­er­ence to sui­cide by 4,500 farm­ers dur­ing TRS rule for not get­ting the min­i­mum sup­port price.

Ir­ri­gation vs cor­rup­tion:

While KCR and his Ir­ri­gation Min­is­ter T Har­ish Rao had gone to town with their claims of real­is­ing the dream of Kalesh­waram lift ir­ri­gation project on River Go­davari, the Congress party coun­tered say­ing TRS regime only re­designed an old project, in­flat­ing the cost from Rs400 bil­lion to Rs900 bil­lion to ben­e­fit his fam­ily.

Unem­ploy­ment vs Al­lowance:

Jobs were one of the three pil­lars of move­ment for sep­a­rate Te­lan­gana but KCR has failed to pro­vide, turn­ing the youth against his govern­ment so much so that he could not dare visit Os­ma­nia Univer­sity, once the hub of the move­ment. Now he has promised monthly unem­ploy­ment al­lowance of Rs3,016 if he re­turns to power.

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