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I put off lis­ten­ing to Fat­man Be­yond’s lat­est episode for as long as I could be­cause the al­most two-hour­long Stan Lee tribute episode would have left me in a pa­thetic pud­dle of tears any time sooner. The father of modern comics died on Novem­ber 12 and the fan­dom’s been in mourn­ing ever since. But if you’re try­ing to find any mean­ing­ful tribute, look no fur­ther than geek roy­alty Kevin Smith and ra­dio pre­sen­ter/ voice artist Marc Bernardin’s Fat­man Be­yond pod­cast, which is ba­si­cally a record­ing of their live show at the Scum and Vil­lainy Cantina, the fa­mous geek bar in Los An­ge­les, fash­ioned af­ter Star Wars’ Mos Eis­ley Cantina.

“This is the first morn­ing of my life that I’ve wo­ken up in a Stan Lee-less world and it is al­ready a lit­tle less [ex­ple­tive] colour­ful,” says Smith, and truer words haven’t been spo­ken.

The anec­dote-filled piece be­gins with Smith’s first meet­ing with Stan on the set of his cult 1995 film Mall­rats, in which Stan had an ex­tended speak­ing cameo and one of his best cameos to date as well. The sto­ries are funny, per­sonal and in­spi­ra­tional, and for any­one who’s ever read a Mar­vel comic book or has en­joyed a Mar­vel movie, this makes for re­quired lis­ten­ing.

So face front, true be­liev­ers, and happy lis­ten­ing!

 ?? Pho­tos sup­plied ?? The late Stan Lee in ‘Mall­rats’ (1995).
Pho­tos sup­plied The late Stan Lee in ‘Mall­rats’ (1995).

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