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Peta slams Nick­Yanka over ‘an­i­mal abuse’


An­i­mal rights group, Peo­ple for Eth­i­cal Treat­ment of An­i­mals (Peta), has slammed Priyanka Cho­pra and Nick Jonas for the use of a horse and ele­phant at their nup­tials. “Dear Priyanka Cho­pra and Nick Jonas. Ele­phants for wed­dings live in chains and horses are con­trolled with whips, spiked bits. Peo­ple are re­ject­ing ele­phant rides and hav­ing horse-free wed­dings. Con­grats, but we re­gret it was not a happy day for an­i­mals,” Peta In­dia posted.

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