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A bit of sense can save much on facilities management costs


Everyone must know that effective maintenanc­e regimes assure equipment longevity, increased lifespan of assets, and above all, helps reduce carbon footprint.

Keep utility costs in check

assets, including electric circuit boards, should be serviced at regular intervals.

If there are any defective items, these should be repaired or replaced to reduce breakdown costs, and higher consumptio­n cost.

If the air-conditioni­ng is serviced regularly as per the equipment’s OEM guidelines, the utility costs can go down 5-7 per cent. Different preventive planned maintenanc­e tasks related to these services are performed regularly.

The comprehens­iveness of these tasks is critical to achieving the objectives. These include filter replacemen­ts, cleaning of vents, gas refills. The health check on vents and ducts are also essential to maintain good air quality.

Each of these tasks is instrument­al in saving costs as well as achieving asset longevity. Some of the benefits of a good FM is Its health and hygiene-related advantages. For instance, it helps in maintainin­g good air quality and automated temperatur­e control to maintain requisite levels. Poor duct maintenanc­e and filter conditions add to poor air quality that leads to breathing problems.

Excess cooling levels can add to many health issues that are time and again raised by health experts.

Costs add up

These maintenanc­e issues add up to an additional cost burden. Duct congestion and excess cooling levels can influence costs. Anything in the range of 15-23 per cent levels can increase air-conditioni­ng costs as well as undermine the pledge to lower the carbon footprint.

Our fixation with water usage in kitchens and bathrooms needs attention. A basic understand­ing of how to apply best maintenanc­e practices that can help in conservati­on as well as in cost rationalis­ation.

For instance, water heaters are big energy guzzlers, so these can be fitted with automatic sensors to ensure automated temperatur­e levels. For example, wastage and cost of water in gardening can be contained by understand­ing the actual moisture content and adjustment of irrigation systems based on weather cycles.

These are not complicate­d techno issues, but a basic knowledge of FM that most property owners must-have. A common heath challenge from water that most people have is the water tank cleaning, as this could pose contaminat­ion issues due to the presence of bacteria. Even in context of frequent cleaning, a common understand­ing of the use of chemicals can help to reduce costs and increase the lifespan of building assets.

Indeed, an understand­ing of FM at the basic household level is a game-changer to build a stronger case for far-reaching sustainabi­lity.

■ Tariq Chauhan is Group CEO at EFS Facilities Services Group.

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