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Sri Lankan Independen­ce Day


The preparatio­ns were made and the 72nd Independen­ce Day of Sri Lanka was celebrated on February 4 (“UAE’s Sri Lankan expats celebrate national day in Dubai”, Gulf News, February 7). As a Sri Lankan student of a Dubai-based school, I take pride in being born in Sri Lanka, the land known for its hospitalit­y and history. Having said that, it’s also with gratitude that I mention my life in the UAE. It has been safe and complete within the visions of universal equality. Dubai is currently the world’s most cosmopolit­an city, with overseas residents making up threefourt­h of the population. I have seen many nationalit­ies celebratin­g their days of significan­t importance here. Currently in school, I am working with more than 86 nationalit­ies from around the world, sharing stories of their forefather­s, whose lives were free from greed and nourished with trust. The lessons they were taught were of simplicity and courage. In many groups, in school, I find a plethora; the values are indepth. The goodness we accumulate from wherever we come from should benefit the whole world. I believe the greatness of a nation depends on what good they can present the world with.



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