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US adds 100 countries to ‘Do Not Travel’ list

UK, Canada, France, Mexico, Germany among nations that figure on the list


The US State Department has added about 100 countries to its “Level Four: Do Not Travel” advisory list, putting the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Mexico, Germany and others on the list, citing a “very high level of Covid-19.”

On Monday, the State Department said it would boost the number of countries receiving its highest advisory rating to about 80 per cent of countries worldwide. Before Tuesday, the State Department listed 34 out of about 200 countries as “Do Not Travel.” The State Department now lists 134 countries at Level Four.

China, Japan stay at Level 3

The State Department said on Monday the move does not imply a reassessme­nt of current health situations in some countries, but rather “reflects an adjustment in the State Department’s Travel Advisory system to rely more on [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s] existing epidemiolo­gical assessment­s.” Other countries in the “Do Not Travel” list include Finland, Egypt, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Switzerlan­d, Spain. Some countries like China and Japan remain at Level 3: Reconsider Travel.” Most Americans already had been prevented from travelling to much of Europe because of Covid-19 restrictio­ns. Washington has barred nearly all non-US citizens who have recently been in most of Europe, China, Brazil, Iran and South Africa.

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