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Disneyland Paris to host mass vaccinatio­n site

The goal is to give shots to at least 1,000 people a day


Disneyland Paris will from Saturday host a mass Covid vaccinatio­n site at its convention centre as France seeks to speed up its inoculatio­n drive, officials said yesterday.

The amusement park east of the capital has been closed since October 30, when nonessenti­al businesses were ordered to close amid a surge in infections, putting its 17,000 employees out of work. It had originally planned to readmit visitors on April 2, but worsening conditions forced it to postpone.

The vaccinatio­n site will be housed outside the amusement park proper at its Newport Bay Club, a convention centre near its hotel complex.

It will be run by local authoritie­s and the regional ARS health service, and will be open weekends only, whereas other French vaccinatio­n sites often close on Sunday.

The goal is to give shots to at least 1,000 people a day, as France aims to get at least one jab to 20 million people by midMay.

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