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Air pollution costs Indian business $95b


NEW DELHI. Air pollution costs Indian business about $95 billion every fiscal year, around 3 per cent of India’s total GDP, a major research report shows.

The cost is equal to 50 per cent of all tax collected annually or 150 per cent of India’s healthcare budget.

The findings in the report undertaken by Dalberg Advisers in partnershi­p with Clean Air Fund and the Confederat­ion of Indian Industry (CII) estimate that India’s workers take 1.3 billion days off work annually because of the adverse effects of air pollution on their health, amounting to $6 billion in lost revenue.

Air pollution has also been shown to have significan­t effects on workers’ cognitive and physical performanc­e, lowering their on-the-job productivi­ty and thereby decreasing business revenues by up to $24 billion.

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