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Enoc sets up storage facility in Saudi Arabia


Dubai’s Enoc Group has completed the build of a new pipeline and tank to transport and store petrochemi­cals in Saudi Arabia’s Western Province. This was done in conjunctio­n with Rotary Arabia.

The project saw the constructi­on of four new pipelines from Farabi Petrochemi­cals’ Yanbu facility on the Red Sea coast to storage tanks at Arabtank Terminal Ltd. (ATTL), and associated pump- and export lines. An estimated 60-70 per cent of the Yanbu facility output is the production of linear alkyl benzene (LAB) and normal paraffins (NPN), and the remaining being derivative products.

Enoc was represente­d through Horizon Terminals Ltd., its subsidiary. “The GCC chemical industry today is predominan­tly focused on petrochemi­cals which make up 72 per cent of its total production, with Saudi Arabia being the leading producer in the region, accounting for 68.2 per cent of total chemical output,” said Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, Enoc.

“Our expansion into the Kingdom comes at a time when the regional market is poised to step up overseas production capacity by 7.6 per cent.”

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