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Late musician Wajid’s wife in property dispute

- By Manjusha Radhakrish­nan Assistant Editor Features

Late music composersi­nger Wajid Khan’s wife, Kamalrukh Khan, has moved the Bombay High Court regarding her husband’s will and has sought a permanent injunction against his brother Sajid Khan and his mother. Khan died last year due to COVID-19.

According to reports, Wajid’s wife claims that her late husband made his will in 2012 in which she and her children were the sole beneficiar­ies.

Khan’s widow has claimed that her brother-in-law and her mother-in-law were trying to acquire her husband’s wealth and edging her out.

She has reportedly filed an applicatio­n seeking interim reliefs and sought an order for a permanent injunction restrainin­g Khan’s mother and brother from alienating her or claiming third-party rights in the property.

Wajid’s wife and her in-laws always had a troubled relationsh­ip and were living separately from her husband and his family. The couple were separated and had filed for divorce, but they were yet to get a decree.

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