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Aries March 20 April 18

True, planning is wise. But with unsettling planetary activity between now and the middle of next week, ensure both arrangemen­ts and your thinking are flexible. While some events may be no surprise, others will be as sudden as they are unexpected. Explore them all. What’s seems most inconvenie­nt could work out best.

Taurus April 19 May 19

The encounter between your ruler Venus and Uranus, the planet of innovation, the unexpected and breakthrou­ghs promises exactly that. While some events may be as sudden as they are unsettling, others will introduce solutions for tedious, if not restrictiv­e, arrangemen­ts you assumed you’d just have to live with. Events

Gemini May 20 June 19

Ages ago, you avoided even mentioning certain issues, mostly because you knew even simple discussion­s would only upset others. The problem is, things are no better, and, what’s more, decisions are increasing­ly pressing. The solution? Raise these as if they were an everyday matter. You’ll be amazed how well these resulting discussion­s go.

Cancer June 20 July 21

Life would be a lot easier if there was a single solution for the problems certain individual­s are facing. But these are more complex than they appear to be. That being the case, forget about devising a single, far-reaching plan and take things one day at a time. The results will amaze you.

Leo July 22 August 21

Judging by the planetary activity now and over the coming weeks, you’re in for a period of growth and, often, unexpected change. While the latter may not be welcome, at least initially, once you’ve learnt more about what’s involved, you’ll exchange your doubts for enthusiasm if not out and out excitement about what’s coming.

Virgo August 22 September 21

Only recently you were worried you were being too hard on somebody who seems to make a huge effort but never manages to achieve much. Then you looked a little closer and realised they make a lot of fuss about their efforts, but then do nothing. The problem? When things get tough, they give up.

Libra September 22 October 21

For some time you’ve made it clear you not only dislike the idea of certain arrangemen­ts, if others proceed with the plans in question, you’ll refuse to take part. Clearly, not everybody believes you. Pause now and consider whether you’re serious, because you’ll probably have to show others you mean it.

Scorpio October 22 November 20

Because you think things through in depth before you commit to even the simplest of plans, if you’re questioned by others, you generally have all the necessary facts to hand. However, certain individual­s are in an argumentat­ive mood, so dismiss whatever you say. The best strategy? Say nothing more. Simply change the

Sagittariu­s November 21 December 20

As a fire sign, you value your freedom and, in fact, enjoy being able to rethink plans at the last minute. However, certain individual­s are far less spontaneou­s, you can see them only if you commit way ahead. While it’s irritating, time with the individual­s in question justifies a bit of a sacrifice.

Capricorn December 21 January 19

Life’s exciting at the moment, but even welcome events need to be explored, discussed and dealt with. You’re doing a good job of exactly that, but worry you’re missing out on important details. While that’s possible, things are going so well you can relax. What’s least expected could turn out to be best.

Aquarius January 20 February 18

One of your strongest characteri­stics, as an Aquarius, is your loyalty to those you care about, from family and dear friends to, on occasion, neighbours or colleagues. Deep as these feelings are, you don’t always acknowledg­e them to others or even yourself. Do so now. As you’ll soon discover, it’s important.

Pisces February 19 March 19

Few things are more annoying than, having struggled to organise a plan or deal with an issue in a way that everybody is happy with, to discover the foundation on which it’s based has changed. Ironically, this opens the door to improvemen­ts that, otherwise, wouldn’t have been possible. The secret? Move swiftly.

 ?? World-renowned astrologer Shelley von
Strunckel writes a daily column exclusivel­y for tabloid! ??
World-renowned astrologer Shelley von Strunckel writes a daily column exclusivel­y for tabloid!
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