Stu­dent & in­flu­encer, 17, Saudi

Harper's Bazaar (Arabia) - - The Style -

“I wear the hi­jab, so my style is mod­est. How­ever, I try as much as I can to have fun with fash­ion, and to stay on top of trends that suit my body and suit who I am. Fash­ion has given me a voice, be­cause what you wear says so much about who you are. I’m a very out­go­ing per­son, I’m an ex­tro­vert, which you can see through the colours I wear and my ac­ces­sories and how I dress my clothes up. I think fash­ion is a very per­sonal choice – some peo­ple might choose a white abaya, some might choose a black abaya. And even these very small de­tails say some­thing about their per­sonal choices. I come from an Egyp­tian mother and Saudi fa­ther, so that com­bi­na­tion is re­ally in­ter­est­ing. From my mother’s side I have this very his­tor­i­cal Egyp­tian style, and then from my Saudi side you can see the very Ara­bic, Mid­dle East­ern in­flu­ence in how I dress. Both cul­tures are re­ally de­vel­op­ing and fash­ion plays a re­ally big role. Since fash­ion is con­stantly chang­ing with all these new trends, these trends ac­tu­ally af­fect the coun­try, so it af­fects pol­i­tics… whether it’s the abaya or how peo­ple think. I get in­spired by what pushes our bound­aries for­ward and what makes our world de­velop even fur­ther. I think the most im­por­tant thing is to think out of the box, push your lim­its and step out of your com­fort zone. I’m an in­di­vid­ual who loves to ex­press the vibe around me. Ev­ery coun­try has these very spe­cific cul­tural iden­ti­ties and I truly love to por­tray them in my fash­ion and style, de­pend­ing on where I am in the world. It’s my own style, yet em­body­ing the cul­ture around me. In that way, fash­ion is an art form. It truly says so much about who you are.”

Rafal wears: Trousers, Dhs2,070; skirt, Dhs2,070; blouse, Dhs2,950; coat, Dhs11,770; shoes, Dhs2,510; scarf, Dhs1,640; brooch, Dhs1,710, all Max Mara

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