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Daydream Believer is the name of our cover story this month – apt for a deep-dive into the perspectiv­e of the one and only Dorra Zarrouk, the Egypt-based Tunisian star who, despite various challenges along the way, is letting a sunny dispositio­n and big hopes for the future, define her. (p.72).

We could all do with a little more of Dorra’s outlook, which is why we have focused on joy for this issue, be that through art, fashion, travel, or good old-fashioned navel-gazing. After all, joy is deeply personal – and we encourage you to take your joy pretty seriously.

The poet Cleo Wade recently wrote, “Oftentimes when the world feels chaotic, we begin to feel as if it is somehow inappropri­ate to have joy. Have your joy. It is a radical form of self-care.” Both empowering and uplifting, it is a refusal to not allow hardship to define who you are.

Of course, much of this journey to joy requires stoically travelling through these challenges – in fact, they’re necessary in order to achieve it. In Good Grief on p.69, Clinical Psychologi­st and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia columnist, Dr. Saliha Afridi explores this concept through the lens of harnessing loss – from break-ups to bereavemen­ts – in order to grow deeper and wiser. Elsewhere, Carla DiBello discusses the idea of a ‘joy radar’ (p.61) and how instant gratificat­ion can often lead us in the wrong direction.

Speaking of directions, we’d highly recommend a trip to Cairo this month; the city is playing host to legitimate­ly one of the most extraordin­ary exhibition­s the world has ever seen at Art D’Egypte – the very first contempora­ry art show held at the pyramids of Giza ( Hands of History, p.64) and a jaw-dropping example of what happens when the ancient world meets modern beauty. Ayesha S. Shehmir writes, “Art amidst these unparallel­ed monuments – which have survived wars as well as pandemics – is a testament to our evolution and ultimately, to a deeper purpose for all of humanity: hope.” To that, I would add: and joy.

 ?? ?? Coat, Dhs19,322,
Loro Piana
Bag, Dhs12,750,
Coat, Dhs19,322, Loro Piana Bag, Dhs12,750, Fendi
 ?? ?? Boot, Dhs3,550, Valentino
Boot, Dhs3,550, Valentino
 ?? ?? Sunglasses, Dhs1,630,
Sunglasses, Dhs1,630, Dior
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Watch, POA,
Watch, POA, Hermès
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Ring, Dhs3,500, Bottega Veneta
Ring, Dhs3,500, Bottega Veneta

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