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The modern world comes face to face with ancient times in Art D’Égypte’s extraordin­ary exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza


Ameasure which both separates and unites civilisati­ons – this is the power of time. And this was Art D’Égypte’s inspiratio­n behind Forever Is Now, the very first internatio­nal contempora­ry art exhibition to be held at the grand Pyramids of Giza. The cross-cultural showcase marks Art D’Égypte’s fourth annual exhibition at a heritage site hosted under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquitie­s, the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board, the Governorat­e of Giza, and the patronage of UNESCO.

Ten internatio­nal artists have joined hands to contemplat­e the 4,500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site and the surroundin­g plateau through a modern lens, spotlighti­ng the remarkable treasure as a gift to the whole world. Among these are Saudi’s Prince Sultan bin Fahad who depicts the roots of the relations between Egypt and Arabia, and self-taught painter Moataz Nasr, who, through his work Barzakh (or the ‘divide’), explores a mental construct which is never seen but known and understood.

Lorenzo Quinn’s site-specific masterpiec­e Together strikes visitors from afar. The Italian sculptor, best known for his expressive recreation­s of the human hands, portrays how COVID-19 has seemingly frozen time and impacted the ways we connect with each other. Two enormous hands float over the pyramids, reaching out to touch – reigniting a desire for physical closeness, which we’ve all been

 ?? ?? Lorenzo Quinn’s artwork Together at Art D’Égypte
Lorenzo Quinn’s artwork Together at Art D’Égypte

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