Our jet-set­ting colum­nist tells us how to travel in style

Our jet-set­ting colum­nist spends a lot of time on a plane and re­veals her top tips on trav­el­ling in style

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I can’t travel light, it’s just not in my na­ture. I tend to al­ways be the one pay­ing for ex­cess bag­gage.

It was hor­rific hav­ing to pack light in the sum­mer. I went to Gu­atemala and Belize and there is only so much you need; you wear one swim­suit ev­ery day and there’s noth­ing needed to go out to in the evening – no events so that was easy.

The prob­lems come when you’re go­ing to a des­ti­na­tion with mul­ti­ple events, you can’t be seen in the same thing twice.

I al­ways carry a fold-up bag in­side my suit­case be­cause I tend to do a lot of shop­ping when I get to wher­ever I’m go­ing.

I ba­si­cally have a rail in my house and I make out­fits for each and ev­ery day I am go­ing to be away, in­clud­ing ac­ces­sories and shoes. I lay it all out and pho­to­graph it.

I al­ways make the mis­take of tak­ing too much of ev­ery­thing… too many pairs of shoes, too many bags – and then I don’t even wear half of it.

It’s ridicu­lous, but I’ve never been on a trip when I’ve worn ev­ery­thing, and my hus­band hates trav­el­ling with me be­cause he has to carry my bags.

There is noth­ing worse when you have an amaz­ing wardrobe than get­ting there and re­al­is­ing that you’ve for­got­ten the shoes that go with a par­tic­u­lar dress. I’ve done it be­fore where I’ve for­got­ten some shoes that I need so have to go out and buy my­self a new pair. It kills me be­cause I know I have them at home, so that’s why I re­ally try and plan my out­fits.

I am al­ways shop­ping for clothes when I go abroad un­for­tu­nately – I must stop… ac­tu­ally I am get­ting bet­ter.

There is some­thing about shop­ping and trav­el­ling that goes hand-in-hand. I love find­ing things that they don’t have here.

Lately, I’ve been trav­el­ling a lot for work so I’ve been too busy to shop. And ac­tu­ally I need so lit­tle here, the life­style is so ca­sual com­pared with what I’m used to.

I al­ways buy things for my kids when­ever I travel. They don’t get upset when I go away be­cause they know I al­ways bring some­thing back for them, which is ex­cit­ing.

When it comes to on-board es­sen­tials I’m ob­sessed with face masks – I may not be the best pas­sen­ger to look at but they re­ally hy­drate your skin.

I don’t go any­where with­out my Her­mès cash­mere blan­ket and I try and take my own pil­low. I travel an aw­ful lot so I like my own per­sonal com­forts.

I take my own food on board so I don’t eat rub­bish, I’m quite strict with my diet. I can’t travel with­out my earplugs.

I get on board, flat­ten my bed, throw on my travel blan­ket, put my pil­low un­der my head and tell peo­ple not to touch me un­less the plane is go­ing down and even then I don’t mind sleep­ing through that ei­ther!

As a fre­quent flyer, Caro­line has a very well-thought-out rou­tine for when­ever she trav­els, al­though ex­cess bag­gage is of­ten an is­sue...

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