LADY ABOUT TOWN Our colum­nist is get­ting back in shape af­ter her hol­i­day in­dul­gences

The ex­cesses of the hol­i­day take their toll on all of us, but Caro­line has a top plan to get back in shape – and quick!

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Christ­mas is over, thank good­ness. My house is empty, my vis­i­tors have gone and the kids are back at school so I can get back into my rou­tine – and as a crea­ture of habit I do need that.

Lit­er­ally as soon as I shut the door on ev­ery­body I went back to see my per­sonal trainer, Sam Wil­liams. I do one-on-one train­ing four times a week with a mix­ture of car­dio and heavy weights. I hadn’t ever done weights be­fore I moved here.

My trainer is a sports­man – his body is amaz­ing. I can’t be trained by any­one who doesn’t look like they work­out. And the gym I go to, SF Train, is a real body­build­ing gym.

I am lazy and know if Sam isn’t around I won’t do it. I have a great re­la­tion­ship with him and I per­son­ally think that if you can af­ford a PT then it’s a great in­vest­ment in your­self. I have also found that when no­body is cor­rect­ing me I do ex­er­cises wrong and end up dam­ag­ing my body. So, I used to end up spend­ing more on chi­ro­prac­tors than I did on the gym. Sam was the one who told me that heavy weights are great for my body and has trans­formed my shape. I felt re­ally bloated and heavy af­ter Christ­mas -- ob­vi­ously I eat com­pletely dif­fer­ently over the hol­i­days and don’t deny my­self any­thing. I didn’t hold back and put on about 3 ki­los! So I rushed back to the gym in a panic and Sam said it would take me one to two weeks tops. I’m al­ready back to my pre-Christ­mas weight.

When I started the weights my body re­sponded so quickly. My legs have al­ways been the skin­ni­est part of me and peo­ple al­ways say my legs are too thin, but I can’t change that – when I lose weight that is the first place is goes from.

But what weights do is work your en­tire body. I use bar­bells and ket­tle bells and loads of squats and leg pushes. I’m get­ting lines on my stom­ach that I’ve never had be­fore. I can see def­i­ni­tion on my arms – the back of my arms have been the hard­est for me to trans­form.

I now do two ses­sions of car­dio. I used to do a lot more, but that didn’t give me the re­sults that I am get­ting now. I would lose too much weight and would get too thin when I did four days of it.

Now I do in­ter­val train­ing – about 10 to 15 min­utes – and the rest is all weights and ma­chines. It’s not for every­one and a lot of my girl­friends pre­fer Pi­lates and things that are softer on your body, but this works for me.

I do all of this in con­junc­tion with lym­phatic drainage at Cos­meSurge to help lose all the water re­ten­tion, which is mostly what the Christ­mas binge is -- it’s not ac­tu­ally fat, your body has just gone into shock! I weigh my­self reg­u­larly be­cause I know gen­er­ally where I want to be, but I no­ticed when I started weight train­ing ver­sus not train­ing at all that I put on a cou­ple of pounds; mus­cle weighs more. That said, don’t be­come ob­sessed by weigh­ing your­self – you have a range, but if some­one adamantly needs to be at the bot­tom of that range and are ob­ses­sive about it, then throw away the scales. To­tally go by the way your body looks in the mir­ror as that’s what mat­ters.

Christ­mas is over and Ms Stan­bury is de­ter­mined to get back to her pre-hol­i­day weight with a lit­tle help from her PT, Sam Wil­liams

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