Re­nault and Por­tuguese en­ergy com­pany EEM are com­bin­ing to cre­ate a smart elec­tric ecosys­tem on the is­land of Porto Santo.

Some 20 vol­un­teer res­i­dents are be­ing pro­vided with Re­nault Zoe and Kan­goo ZE elec­tric cars that can be charged through a net­work of 40 public and pri­vate charg­ing points.

By the end of the year it is hoped that th­ese ve­hi­cles will re­turn elec­tric­ity to the is­land’s grid dur­ing peak hours, thus serv­ing as tem­po­rary en­ergy stor­age units.

And a third phase of the project en­vis­ages Re­nault sup­ply­ing the is­land with old elec­tric ve­hi­cle bat­ter­ies which will be given a sec­ond life at Porto Santo’s so­lar and wind farms, stor­ing power and then re­leas­ing it when re­quired.

Eric Fe­un­teun, Re­nault’s Elec­tric Ve­hi­cles and New Busi­ness Pro­gramme Di­rec­tor, said: “This un­prece­dented smart elec­tric ecosys­tem… demon­strates to what ex­tent the elec­tric revo­lu­tion is chang­ing our ev­ery­day lives beyond just trans­port.

“Our aim is to build a model that can be car­ried over to other is­lands, ecodis­tricts and cities, while con­sis­tently striv­ing to achieve the large-scale roll­out of elec­tric mo­bil­ity so­lu­tions that are af­ford­able for all.”

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