We get up close and per­sonal with one of the So­ci­ete own­ers, and their new res­i­dent DJ

Infusion Magazine - - DJ BOOTH: GARY HOLLIDAY -

One thing you might not know about me is... I’m learn­ing to sky­dive at the mo­ment.

My worst ever job was… Work­ing in an al­loy fac­tory for a day. It was so bad I didn’t go back.

DJing is much like… Be­ing a chef. You have to care­fully se­lect all the in­gre­di­ents and add them in­di­vid­u­al­ity at just the right time. If you use the wrong in­gre­di­ent you will spoil the whole dish and you have to start again.

Dubai’s club­bing scene is… Eclec­tic. It has ev­ery­thing you could ever want. Peo­ple just need to stop pos­ing so much and en­joy the mu­sic.

I’m re­ally proud of… Cre­at­ing the con­cept of So­ci­ete and be­ing one of the own­ers.

What track could you drop in ev­ery set? House of Pain ‘ Jump around’, ev­ery­one goes crazy for it or ‘ Sum­mer of 69’ by Bryan Adams - as soon as the intro starts ev­ery­one starts play­ing air gui­tar.

I can’t live with­out… My dog Mur­phy…. He is the best thing in my life.

My big­gest DJ achieve­ment to date is… I only DJ for So­ci­ete so it would be get­ting a round of ap­plause at 3am when the mu­sic stops and the crowd is chant­ing for one more song. That’s a very cool feel­ing that peo­ple ac­tu­ally care about the mu­sic

What is your guilti­est plea­sure? Manch­ester United. I have fol­lowed them since I was a boy. I even moved to Manch­ester to sup­port them for sev­eral years. Don’t try and con­tact me dur­ing a game…

If you could DJ in any decade which would it be… The 00s, just be­fore ev­ery­thing went to com­put­ers and CDs were the method of mix­ing. There were so many big tunes…

If I could go back-to-back with any other DJ it would be… DJ Spoony from the Dream team. Only be­cause he used to be a warm up DJ in one of the first clubs I man­aged and I still re­mem­ber mak­ing him play YMCA and him hat­ing me for it.

I’m not a politi­cian but… If I was I don’t think I would last too long when they started dig­ging the dirt on me…


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