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Pacha Ibiza Dubai’s big 2015 con­tin­ues as they’ve landed one of the big­gest elec­tronic DJs in the world, Paul Van Dyk. We caught up with the Ger­man trance and elec­tronic boss to ask about big bills, EDM and the rise of the celebrity DJ…

You’ve al­ways been very well re­ceived here. Does that sur­prise you when you play in the same place once or twice in the same year?

It de­pends en­tirely upon the place, but gen­er­ally speak­ing, no it doesn’t re­ally sur­prise me. It is al­ways a big ex­pe­ri­ence here, and the re­cent shows here were amaz­ing with a very pas­sion­ate crowd.

You’ve played as the main head­liner out here, and also as part of a larger fes­ti­val bill – which do you pre­fer?

Each pro­vides an ex­pe­ri­ence that, if not en­tirely dif­fer­ent, then cer­tainly comes with its own unique qual­i­ties. In clubs I am much closer to the au­di­ence and by that na­ture, there is a much closer and more in­ti­mate level of in­ter­ac­tion. I love that. At fes­ti­vals the au­di­ences are big­ger, so the mu­sic you’re play­ing has much fur­ther reach, which of course is a big pos­i­tive too. Not to for­get the grow­ing level of stage pro­duc­tion in re­gards of lights, vi­su­als and spe­cial ef­fects. At the big­ger fes­ti­vals, there has been a huge devel­op­ment in this sense dur­ing the last years. I think it’s safe to say I like them both equally, but for dif­fer­ing rea­sons.

Ger­many re­ally does seem to be the hub for dance mu­sic pro­duc­ers – why do you think the coun­try is so strong in that re­gion?

I be­lieve that’s down to its ex­cep­tion­ally long, strong his­tory of elec­tronic dance mu­sic here. Ger­many was a very early adopter – it em­braced it right from the word go. The ear­lier the seed is planted, the more em­bed­ded it is and the greater a part of the cul­ture it be­comes.

How has the Amer­i­can adop­tion of EDM helped or hin­dered your ca­reer? Have you adapted your sound?

Elec­tronic mu­sic started as a small sub­cul­ture and de­vel­oped into the big­gest, most en­dur­ing mu­sic cul­ture in the world. What is now widely called “EDM” has in my opin­ion not much to do with the ‘ elec­tronic mu­sic world’. Our mu­sic is about try­ing some­thing new; it is about be­ing cre­ative and break­ing bound­aries. “EDM” is a rep­e­ti­tion of the same sound ef­fect over and over, on a rather cheesy level. Elec­tronic mu­sic is about hav­ing fun as much as it is to keep the qual­ity. This is the re­spon­si­bil­ity of a DJ at the end of the day. There is so much great mu­sic out there, and so many amazingly tal­ented DJs and pro­duc­ers who will sur­vive once the EDM hype is over. As such, I’d say EDM has nei­ther helped nor hin­dered.

In your 20 year long ca­reer, the DJ has be­come a huge star, when be­fore it might have been more about spe­cific par­ties or pro­mot­ers. Do you think this is a pos­i­tive change?

To me it’s not much dif­fer­ent to how it was be­fore the trans­for­ma­tion of the DJ oc­curred. Then it was the bands and the venue names that were the stars. Now it’s the DJs and the clubs or fes­ti­vals names that are fa­mous and draw crowds.

Paul Van Dyk, Pacha Ibiza Dubai, Thurs­day Fe­bru­ary 26, 10pm-3am,

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