Venn in Dubai

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Dubai: a city where the rich get richer, the stu­pider get stu­pider and the ar­ro­gant get more ar­ro­gant.

And sadly, if you drew a Venn di­a­gram, right there in the in­ter­sec­tion smil­ing out at you would be the rich, stupid and ar­ro­gant pop­u­la­tion of Dubai’s en­ter­tain­ment scene.

This cir­cle jerk of friend­ships en­sure that the worst ideas in the world come to fruition, that peo­ple use and abuse their re­la­tion­ship. Like ra­dio DJs get­ting their mo­tor- mouthed non­sense re­leased and signed up as a record ( se­ri­ously), or the same av­er­age DJs get­ting booked for the same gigs ev­ery week­end and drop­ping the same dull doof- doof non­sense.

Thank­fully there is some vari­a­tion com­ing into the nightlife gene pool, but for the mo­ment all I can see is wall- to- wall Ah­lan! poses as the stupid, rich and ar­ro­gant jos­tle for po­si­tion. The An­gry Mon­keys’ views are his own, and don’t nec­es­sar­ily re­flect the views of In­fu­sion Mag­a­zine.

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