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One of the orig­i­nal stars of the house mu­sic scene, ‘Move Your Body’ DJ Mar­shall Jef­fer­son is at Su­per­heroes on March 12 for a night of house (house) mu­sic. We caught up with the Amer­i­can DJ now based in Eng­land to find out what to ex­pect

We think you've been here be­fore, but it was a long time ago if mem­ory serves – what do you re­mem­ber from the gig/re­gion?

Beau­ti­ful scenery and beau­ti­ful weather. A very re­served party peo­ple, great food. A 6 and I be­lieve a 7 star ho­tel. Lots of build­ing go­ing on. And I don’t know if this counts, but sen­sa­tional air­lines.

Are your sets old school house, or do you mix it up with new con­tent?

I mix it up with as much new con­tent as I can. Usu­ally dur­ing a set I get loads of re­quests for old school mu­sic be­cause well, most peo­ple at the party think of me as from that era and a lot of them want to re­live or ex­pe­ri­ence that vibe.

How much do you em­brace the tech­no­log­i­cal revo­lu­tion?

A lot when pro­duc­ing records but for DJing I’m stay­ing with CDs for a while un­til I can get com­fort­able with per­form­ing with

com­put­ers and con­trollers. Right now com­put­ers make me feel like I’m up there read­ing e- mail. Not hat­ing on any­one else’s thing if that’s what they’re do­ing, but for me per­son­ally I have to have phys­i­cal me­dia.

Do you still get the same buzz from Djing as when you first started?

No, but close. The thing is though I still get buzzed/ charged when I play.

And how have the crowds changed, bet­ter/worse?

The crowds are the same - you rock the party, they go crazy.

We've read you live in Manch­ester now, what was it about the UK that at­tracted you from Amer­ica?

The UK is closer to Europe and I play mostly in Europe, so shorter fl ights. A gig in Am­s­ter­dam is a 1 hour fl ight from the UK, but 10 hours from Chicago.

What's your take on dance mu­sic at the mo­ment, are you proud of the jour­ney it’s taken?

Not re­ally. Things are a bit too for­mat­ted on the dance fl oor for me. I come from a time when all forms of dance mu­sic played on one dance fl oor and you didn’t have to go to 37 dif­fer­ent clubs to hear ev­ery genre one at a time.

How have cap­i­tal­ism and com­mer­cial­ism af­fected dance mu­sic?

I think it’s af­fected pop mu­sic more than dance mu­sic, the thing is a lot of dance mu­sic has turned into pop, so it’s in­di­rectly af­fected.

If you were start­ing out now, what ad­vice would you give a younger Mar­shall?

Play the lot­tery, there is a bet­ter chance of suc­cess than the mu­sic busi­ness.

And what can we ex­pect from your set in Dubai?

Up­lift­ing house mu­sic.

Su­per­heroes feat. Mar­shall Jef­fer­son, Thurs­day March 12, Dek on 8, 6pm-3am, free en­try.

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