Der­rick Carter is a man who prefers to let his mu­sic do the talk­ing, so we’re ex­tremely hon­oured that the Amer­i­can house star took time out to give a rare in­ter­view ahead of his April 3 date at Pacha Ibiza Dubai.

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We’re very happy to have you back in the city, you’ve been here plenty of times – al­ways had fun and a good re­ac­tion?

I’ve had my share of fun. not al­ways a good re­ac­tion though. I was called a “loser” be­cause I didn’t play trance once. And a few other things...

It’s nearly 30 years since your first EP re­lease with Mark Fa­rina – how does that time feel to you, fast/slow? Does work­ing in clubs make you feel older or younger?

25 years. Don’t make me older than I am I don’t have a con­cept of it re­ally. I don’t think about it in that way. Just keep­ing it mov­ing and try­ing to make my world a lit­tle bet­ter. Work­ing in clubs has no real ef­fect on me. It’s a job like any other job re­ally. I go to work, see peo­ple that I know, meet new folks, get my scrilla and try to have a good time. I mean, I re­ally like my job and there’s a ton of fun as­so­ci­ated with it, but it doesn’t tie in to my age.

If you hadn’t made it in mu­sic, what do you think you’d be do­ing now?

I have no idea. I’m vir­tu­ally un­em­ploy­able as ev­i­denced by my string of fir­ings prior to ac­tu­ally de­cid­ing to make mak­ing mu­sic my thing.

What should good house mu­sic sound like? And is there enough good house mu­sic around at the mo­ment?

It should sound like some­thing that makes you feel good. I’m not go­ing to be any­one’s judge or jury. like what you want to. Please But here’s the dif­fer­ence, I will talk a bunch of s*** if you act like an ass about it. like you have be­come the only per­son to sanc­tion what is and what is not good for the mu­si­cal world at large.

You’ve been asked to help write on a cou­ple of big pop pro­duc­tions, in­clud­ing Kylie – did you say yes, what other work have you done like that?

I said maybe. Then didn’t. none. I don’t write hit songs or even try to. I just do my thing and if some­one wants to get down, we can get down.

You’re a big dog fan, and have 6 (we think) - do any fly with you? And do they like house mu­sic?

I have seven and they stay home with the nanny. To be hon­est, they never lis­ten to mu­sic. I don’t lis­ten to much mu­sic around the house and they rarely some into the stu­dio with me.

Your der­phouse Twit­ter hash­tag was very, very funny (Der­rick went on a Twit­ter ram­page, call­ing out deep­house DJs with the #der­phouse hash­tag – it quickly went vi­ral). Did you think it would be so popular when you started it?

I didn’t start it as any­thing. It was a good 24hrs. Hope ev­ery­one had a laugh or two.

You’re play­ing at Pacha in Dubai, what’s your ex­pe­ri­ence of Pacha around the world, is there some­thing spe­cial/dif­fer­ent about the club and the brand?

I like Pacha. I had fun in Barcelona, al­ways fun dur­ing the two res­i­dency- ish things in Ibiza, Syd­ney as well. They do a good line in good par­ties.

As one of the city’s lead­ing DJs, we asked Smok­ingroove to give us a bit of back­ground and his­tory on one of his favourite DJs…

Der­rick has al­ways been a fun lovin’ hum­ble guy when­ever we’ve met him, he’s al­ways made time for quick chats be­tween tracks or be­fore af­ter sets. I’ve had the plea­sure of spin­ning with him a cou­ple of times and can hon­estly say the en­ergy he brings is truly spe­cial. Der­rick con­sis­tently proves you don’t need big room hands- in- the- air- tracks to cre­ate a vibe, just love for the mu­sic you play, this has been an ethos I’ve fol­lowed my en­tire DJ ca­reer thanks to him, DJ Sneak and Mark Fa­rina. Tech­ni­cally he’s al­ways on point, no one can tear up an ac­capella like Der­rick. One mem­ory in par­tic­u­lar that springs to mind is a few years back on a trip to lon­don, Der­rick de­cided to do an im­promptu party at an undis­closed ware­house in the depths of East Lon­don and called it “Der­rick Does Disco.” I’m al­most sure this was the first one he ever did in europe. Der­rick played an all disco set on CDs and 7” vinyl… Yet again the en­ergy was in­cred­i­ble. Thanks for the Boompty Der­rick

Pure Pacha feat. Der­rick Carter, Fri­day April 3, Pacha Ibiza Dubai, 11pm-3am.

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