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THIS lOnG- TOUTeD COL­LAB­O­RA­TION be­tween two of EDM’s big­gest play­ers is a thrilling take on techno, with in­tri­cate, lay­ered synths mar­ried to dream­like har­monies and fu­ture- house beats. n ah, only kid­ding. It’s straight up, rave- mak­ing EDM with as many bells, whis­tles and heart- stop­ping drops as you’d ex­pect. launched with a live- streamed 24 hour party, the al­bum fol­lows suit, with 10 tracks of fre­netic elec­tro.

The pro­duc­tion, as you’d imag­ine, is first class – the snares are crisp and loud, the bass ribcage rat­tling and the beats monolithic. The list of col­lab­o­ra­tors, as you’d ex­pect with their con­tacts net­work, is just as im­pres­sive, with the Missy El­liott and Kiesza col­lab the pick. And, just to prove that they re­ally do have the Mi­das touch when it comes to mak­ing mu­sic, they’ve taken Justin Beiber’s vo­cals and cre­ated a rum­bling, skippy but deep track that de­fies cat­e­go­riza­tion.

There’s noth­ing par­tic­u­larly sub­tle about Jack U, but for hands up, heads down dance mu­sic that proves there’s more to EDM than nu­clear drops, this does the job.

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