An open love let­ter to Sven Vath

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Dear Sven, Or should I call you Papa Sven? ei­ther way, let me get to the point. I don’t re­ally like techno. I know, shock­ing, isn’t it. ev­ery­thing is techno th­ese days, hip­sters have ditched deep house and em­braced techno, and there’s lit­er­ally a techno night on ev­ery night of the week in Dubai at the mo­ment.

A lot of techno just leaves me cold, though. It’s cal­cu­lated, it’s full of more bleeps than a Gor­don Ram­sey out- take and it’s un­re­lent­ing, like the Ter­mi­na­tor – all cold steel and dead eyes. But for 3 hours when you were here at Tril­ogy in 200 , I learned to slowly ap­pre­ci­ate techno ( or maybe that should be good techno). Your set was that age old DJ clich – a jour­ney. You brought things up in a hazy fuzz of dance­floor dy­nam­ics, and let things down so that we could breathe and get ready for the next wave. And, shock, hor­ror for a techno DJ back then, you looked as if you were en­joy­ing things as much as we were. I now know that you’d prob­a­bly be en­joy­ing things a lot more in Ibiza, nudge nudge, wink wink It was the warmth I re­mem­ber most from that night, though. Amongst the driv­ing beats there was melody, there was soul and – some­where amongst the sweaty mass of bod­ies – there was unity on the dance­floor. Thanks to that techno in­duc­tion 6 years ago, I now like techno a lit­tle bit more. I know, hold the front page right But it has opened up my ears to new sounds, new in­flu­ences, new DJs, new record la­bels. You still won’t find me jump­ing on the techno bandwagon, but that’s prob­a­bly a good thing as there’s not much room on there at the mo­ment. But you def­i­nitely opened my ears and eyes to a new sound, and for that I salute you. Yours sin­cerely, Andy Buchan In­fu­sion edi­tor, mu­sic lover and non- techno DJ

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