Party starter and turntable ma­gi­cian, Jazzy Jeff is back once again at his sandy home Barasti for a big night of clas­sics on May 8

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Yep! I al­ways have a great time in Dubai. Peo­ple come to Dubai to have a good time. They know how to party. It’s al­ways a good crowd.

We’ve done a few things since. I ac­tu­ally just saw him a few weeks ago. We’ve been talk­ing about work­ing on some new mu­sic. We’re just work­ing out tim­ing.

I play all over. I love Lon­don and San Fran­cisco, they’re two of my  favourites.

I play ev­ery­thing. If it’s good and makes the peo­ple move, I’ll play it. As far as EDM, as with any genre of mu­sic, there’s gonna be some good and some bad. The cul­ture of DJing in Amer­ica is chang­ing. More so be­cause  peo­ple want to hear a bunch of dif­fer­ent things.

When it first started, it was very much a new thing. The dif­fer­ence now is every­body is a DJ now. It’s eas­ier and harder at the same time. It’s eas­ier be­cause you can go buy a com­puter

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