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WE THINK THIS one has ‘Os­car’ writ­ten all over it, so get in at the ground floor and go see it this week. Then you can have all the hip­ster brag­ging rights: “I saw it way be­fore it was pop­u­lar”, etc. etc. Green Book tells the charm­ing tale of rough-around-the-edges Ital­ian-amer­i­can body­guard, Tony (Viggo Mortensen), who is em­ployed by Dr. Don Shirley (Ma­her­shala Ali), a world-class Africanamer­i­can pi­anist, to es­cort him around a con­cert tour in the Deep South. Oh, by the way, it’s 1962, which is why such an en­deav­our calls for a bouncer. So be­gins a road trip where, slowly, the hard man – per­haps not the most open-minded of char­ac­ters – be­gins to ap­pre­ci­ate the doc­tor’s el­e­gance and love of rea­son, while wit­ness­ing first-hand and even­tu­ally be­ing ap­palled by the ha­tred to which Shirley is sub­jected sim­ply by virtue of the colour of his skin.

Rot­ten toma­toes gives it 82% trivia: Linda Cardellini also stars as tony’s wife

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