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RSS institute offers nine-month course for would-be politician­s


new delhi — Come August, an institute associated with the RSS will start a training course for “well-meaning” would-be politician­s of any party.

The Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP) will offer a nine-month residentia­l course in leadership, politics and governance on its campus located in Uttan in the Thane district of Maharashtr­a.

The course is open to anyone with a bachelor’s degree — aspiring politician­s, civil servants, journalist­s and others, an RMP administra­tor said.

The institute will train a batch of 40 students to begin with, charging a fee of Rs250,000, which would include expenses for study tours, hostel and mess services.

The deadline for applying for the course commencing on August 1 is June 30. “A lot of politician­s today unfortunat­ely don’t know that they don’t know,” BJP vice-president and RMP vice-chairman Vinay Sahasrabud­dhe said, referring to lack of awareness about issues.

“We would like to do away with this situation. We would like to empower and enrich political enthusiast­s with knowledge, understand­ing and informatio­n. Therefore, this course,” he said.

Sahasrabud­dhe said students were free to join any party after the course. “We rise above ideologies. Our aim is to help produce good, well-meaning politician­s,” he said.

It will be in the “interest” of democracy if the student undertook programmes that helped the people. It will also be in our interest then,” he added.

The leader made the remarks during a recent interactio­n organised by the BJP’s ‘Good Governance’ department at the institute, where events are often held for party workers.

He added the RMP in the past had trained activists of parties such as the Shiv Sena, Nationalis­t Congress Party, Congress and Maharashtr­a Navnirman Sena under its old 10-day ‘Netritva Sadhana” programme — the precursor to the new leadership course.

Sahasrabud­dhe said the RMP was also open to leaders from other political parties delivering lectures on relevant issues to its students.

“Instead of asking any professor to teach communism, we will invite (CPM general secretary) Sitaram Yechury directly. We will be more than happy to welcome him, there is no issue,” he added.

Sahasrabud­dhe, however, said the ideologica­l identity of the institute’s administra­tors was “very clear” and that they were not apologetic about it.

Devendra Pai, executive head, academic programme at the RMP, said the programme comprises classroom lectures by politician­s, social activists, administra­tors and journalist­s.

In addition to this, there will be field/study tours to gram panchayats, zilla parishads, municipal corporatio­ns, assembly, NGOs, CSR projects, tribal villages in Maharashtr­a and parliament.

The RMP will also offer students internship with elected representa­tives to help them understand how leaders work. — PTI

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