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ASA Ventures introduces Pulse, 1st AI company exec


dubai — ASA Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Dubai, introduces Pulse, the first AI company executive.

After 15 years, in 2 continents, and 4 countries, ASA Ventures has built and operated about 100 different tech companies. This year, ASA crossed a new milestone with a data-rich AI system that has been assisting them in controllin­g every aspect of their business operations, raising red flags at the right times, and identifyin­g growth potentials for their companies. In a nutshell, it’s ASA’s secret AI executive.

In the beginning, Pulse was just a companion to the managers, enabling them to make sound decisions. Because it was also learning, it learned faster than what it was taught. It took better, more informed business decisions based on data rather than guts. It feeds on empirical data, thus it can predict better outcomes.

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