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Research engineer wants to evaluate data Hope gets

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Aerospace research engineer Sahith Reddy Madara is actively looking to work on the data evaluation of the Hope probe in 2021 at the Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences, and Technology (SAASST), where he currently works.

He found the Hope probe launch especially inspiratio­nal for its potential to motivate youth across the Arab world to pursue space science degrees in the future. “Space has the potential to make life on earth so much better and I’m excited to see where things go,” he said.

For his part, the youngster — who is UAE’s National Point of Contact for Space Generation Advisory Council — has his sights set on making aerospace more sustainabl­e, cleaner and greener. “I intend to delve into sustainabi­lityrelate­d R&D to develop spacecraft structures for the removal of space debris. I also wish to pursue a PhD to gain the highly technical knowledge involving complex areas of study about space systems operating from within the Earth’s atmosphere to in-depth space exploratio­ns.”

Sahith, who has had 28 research papers published in internatio­nal journals so far, is keen to change the perception of the space industry. “When people think of space, they think of astronauts on the moon, rockets and spaceships. But even if you’re a lawyer, investor, journalist, computer programmer, doctor or project manager, there is a place in space for you.”

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