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The seeds procured are llled with nutrients. They are inserted into oasis sheets which are then soaked in a hydrogen peroxide solution for 10 minutes. This is done to avoid fungal and other bacterial growth. Again the seeds are sprayed with a nutrient solution llled with bio stimulator­s enhancing the growth of the crop.

The seeds are then taken to the growing trays where they are continuous­ly supplied with a nutrient llled irrigation solution supplied through 3 dedicated nutrient tanks. There are 3 ozone units installed in the farm that kill any kind of bacterial growth.

The farm temperatur­e is maintained at under 24 degree Celsius, the PH level is maintained at 5.80 and carbon Dioxide is maintained is at 600 ppm. All of this is controlled and maintained by an automated control panel that checks optimum PH, temperatur­e, nutrient target and humidity.

The LED lights are red (for growth) and blue (for colour) and are primarily dependent on what kind of crop variety is being grown and are adjusted accordingl­y. The harvesting depends on the kind of crop. Some crops start germinatin­g between the 5th & 7th day. The harvest can be done from the 10th day and each growing tray can be re harvested 4 to 5 times.

The crop is taken to the harvest machine where it is sized uniformly and then is taken to the sterilizin­g bubble washing machine where it sterilizes the plants and increases the shelf life. The crop is then taken to the dryer where 10% of the moisture is retained to maintain the freshness of the crop.

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