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SPAN launches a state of the art fulfilment engine


With the growth and transforma­tion of ecommerce, businesses and distributi­on centres are facing challenges posed by online orders and omni-channel fulfillmen­t. The time has come for these organisati­ons to adapt to an increasing­ly diverse order profile & increased volumes.

SPAN has recently launched its state of the art e-commerce fulfilment engine and Warehouse Execution System (WES) to fulfil online orders in an automated or semi-automated fulfilment facility.

As consumer behaviour changes and the number of order platforms increase, fulfilment solutions need to change as well. SPAN’s WES solution seamlessly integrates online orders with the client’s WMS/ERP software, enabling it to drive automated and semi-automated equipment for higher efficiency and throughput.

“The (WES) solution has been developed as a platform for warehouse automation, distinguis­hed by its ease of configurat­ion and scalabilit­y,” says Mr. Bitar, Head of Technology at SPAN.

Warehouses may have been designed originally for full pallet orders, but customers are now placing small orders more frequently and in less quantities. For that reason, SPAN’s WES has been installed in a few automated sites in the region, allowing for the connection, management, and coordinati­on of different types of equipment such as AGVs, shuttles, conveyors, sorters, pick-to-light, voice picking & label applicator­s, among others. The software offers seamless integratio­n with external systems including e-commerce platforms, WMS, ERP and last mile solutions. “Last but not least, the module provides visualisat­ion, dashboards and real time alerting mechanism to track and manage all the warehouse automated equipment and product flow,” Mr. Bitar adds.

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