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Whether you are in the rail, road, maritime, or aviation industries, we are entering a period of evolution that will change the way the world transports goods, and how the logistics, and supply chain industries operate across the globe.

Technology is the main driver of this change. Autonomous vehicles and robotic warehouse operations are reducing the need for fallible human employees, and improving the bottom line for many forward-thinking companies. Right here in the GCC Landmark Group is deploying state-of-the-art warehousin­g technologi­es (more on page 36), and companies such as LogSquare are enabling these changes.

Sustainabi­lity - in particular, reducing the carbon footprint of logistics companies is another key revolution­ary tenet. Amazon, a company long-hailed for its firsts in getting products to customers, has now developed electric rickshaws in India, as the company commits to new investment and job creation in the world’s second most populous country. According to reports, the company also plans to invest US$1 billion in local technology, infrastruc­ture and logistics projects to help create one million new jobs in India by 2025.

However, it is not just improving upon what is already there, in some cases, the developmen­t in the logistics sector is introducin­g a whole new mode of transport. Etihad Rail is building the first rail transport network across the Emirates and beyond - a project that will forever change the face of GCC logistics (more on page 16). This rail network will provide a cheaper, reliable way of transporti­ng bulk goods across the GCC.

So, what does all this change mean for you?

Every company needs to look to the future, plan for industry disruptors, and implement the technologi­es that work for them - not because they are the latest and greatest, but because they bring value. What may work for you now, may be obsolete in three years. While future-proofing is impossible, future planning is possible.

This issue is packed full of what the future will bring for this industry, overcoming challenges, and facing the future head on. I hope you enjoy the read.

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