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There are many benefits of robotics and warehouse automation. We will look at three key aspects:

On demand fulfilment - Robotics can work around the clock and have a proven track record of accuracy and speed. This ensures a predictabl­e response time within the facility.

Visibility and Data - Robotics execution software will ensure visibility throughout the supply chain process. Client and Logistics team will be able to track and trace and most importantl­y plan their activity.

Space - Space is one of the key advantages of Robotics. With a growing number of cities, transport challenges, land scarcity and cost there is a tendency to increase micro fulfilment centres. Warehouse robotics can easily adapt in smaller spaces and volumes while maintainin­g

Any robotics or automated applicatio­n should be treated as a solution. An automated/robotic system will in itself be a draw back if deployed or marketed as a product rather than a solution. A solution is a response to a need and should be configurab­le to the end user way of doing things.

- Source: Jacques Adem, co-founder & MD LogSquare

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