Logistics Middle East


- - Gary Blythe, managing director, Starlinks

What has been the greatest business challenge you have faced, and how did you overcome it?

“I’ve had the opportunit­y to work across the world and experience the unique challenges of each of the continents and countries I have operated in. In all cases what I remect on is the strength of the teams I’ve worked with and how important developing and harvesting talent is. I have used the multicultu­ral experience I have to overcome many challenges I have faced. I led an M&A in Lagos Nigeria. Weeks after the completion, the currency devalued by 200% in an import driven economy, the ebola virus crisis hit and the local economy ground to a halt. Here I learnt adaptabili­ty, re-establishi­ng everything from price to supply. Many businesses failed in that time period, we focused on setting three-month plans as anything longer was too unpredicta­ble. I’m pleased to say that business absorbed $35 million of gross margin impact and with as a result of our plans, it is operating today successful­ly in the region.”

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