Logistics Middle East



• Find a partner that speaks your language: Whether you are looking to increase your efficiency, or reduce your running cost, end goal alignment is key in order to meet expectatio­ns.

• Experience over glamour: Look for the partner that has been through multiple educationa­l implementa­tions, the influence of these experience­s equates to millions in R&D.

• Does it make financial sense? A study of the investment in technology and automation compare to enhancemen­ts in the fulfilment process is essential in order to derive a pure formula that will fuel your transforma­tion.

• A clear understand­ing of technology: Setting realistic goals based on the current technology in the market is key to pave the way towards the future, you might have a vision for the way things should be, continuous improvemen­t is the key.

• Team, team, team: Artifical intelligen­ce can never replace the human touch or influence, make sure that your partner will be on the battle ground, before, during, and after.

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