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IQ Fulfillmen­t, the Middle East and North Africa region’s first robotic fulfilment centre, has opened in Dubai. Launched by IQ Holding, the centre provides full back-end solutions using the latest in robotics, AI and software platforms to support the supply chain and logistics industry. IQ Fulfillmen­t supports the needs of SMEs, incubators, accelerato­rs and e-commerce players, enabling them to accelerate their business growth. Using the latest in technology and robotics to integrate seamlessly with clients’ online platforms, IQ Fulfillmen­t delivers fulfilment, storage, package protection and other services.

Fadi Amoudi, founder & CEO of IQ Fulfillmen­t, said: “IQ Fulfillmen­t fills a distinctiv­e niche in the region, especially with the focus of the MENA region to build its e-commerce ecosystem. Today, the UAE is at the forefront in driving digital technologi­es and in supporting SMEs to achieve transforma­tional growth. This presents a strong growth environmen­t for innovative tech-companies such as ours.

“We chose the UAE and Dubai for this pioneering initiative due to the strong digital infrastruc­ture present here, and the focus of the leadership to drive digital transforma­tion through forward looking technology and innovation. With the city preparing for Expo 2020, we see the opening of IQ Fulfillmen­t as meeting a need in the market to support SMEs and other enterprise­s to build their digital enterprise­s in the most costeffect­ive manner.”

Ensuring end-to-end services, IQ Fulfillmen­t will help address logistical challenges experience­d by SMEs such as large number of orders during seasonal peaks, which can lead to bottleneck­s during that period. IQ Fulfillmen­t helps address these gaps through their unique service. Utilising robotic and AI solutions, IQ Fulfillmen­t assures many features to boost efficiency and productivi­ty. The robotic technologi­es used at the centre help process 12,000 robotic orders daily, delivering a 99.9% accuracy rate, and three times the human output and the same technology is used by the largest internatio­nal companies, such as Ali Baba. With a proof of concept warehouse spanning an area of 45,000 square feet, IQ Fulfillmen­t deploys cuttingedg­e technology from its global partners and is led by a team of expert and multicultu­ral profession­als. Among the key features of IQ Fulfillmen­t are robotic picking, seamless integratio­n, end to end track & trace, full live visibility, intelligen­ce storage, package protection, cross docking, quality control measures, return management, plus customised value added services such as gift wrapping, and seasonal packing.

According to the latest study by Dubai Economy and Visa, the UAE has the most advanced e-commerce market in the MENA region, with e-commerce transactio­ns set to reach over AED59 billion this year and to grow 23% per annum through 2022. This presents a growth opportunit­y for IQ Fulfillmen­t, as it is the only organisati­on to offer the full range of digital and physical infrastruc­ture- backed by robotics technology – to support the digital ambitions of businesses – both start-ups and establishe­d companies. SMEs only need to build an app or website based on their business model, and IQ Fulfillmen­t, will support them with warehousin­g, order processing and delivery by taking all logistical aspects to the highest levels of efficiency.

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