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JULY-AUGUST 2020 UPDATE | Emirates Post introduces digital app to help users stay connected Digital app to create customised postcards with personalis­ed image, copy and video postcards and arrange for a contactles­s delivery to the intended recipients. “With a network that spans across the entire UAE, we aim to enable communitie­s to reach out and stay connected; something that has never been more important today. This easy to use digital app will offer individual­s and companies the opportunit­y to customize their postcards online, with personalis­ed images and videos, and send physical cards of greetings and best wishes,” stated HE Abdulla Mohammed Al Ashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group Company. “It is also an organic step for us as an organizati­on. Customisat­ion is critical for a brand or Emirates Post has launched ‘epostcard’ – a digital postcard applicatio­n that will allow users to create customised physical postcards for friends, families, colleagues, and stakeholde­rs. The ‘epostcards’ app, which can be downloaded from iOS App Store and Google Play Store, will allow individual­s to design bespoke postcards to send to friends and family and for companies to send to employees and stakeholde­rs. The app allows users to tailor images and create copy, in addition to adding videos that will be uploaded and accessible via a QR code on the physical postcard. Based on individual specificat­ions, Emirates Post will print the physical organisati­on to stand out and as Emirates Post evolves, we are exploring opportunit­ies to create products that combine digital technology with post and that tailor to the needs and wants of our customers,” he added. Emirates Post, which has rolled out the new service during Ramadan, hopes individual­s and organisati­ons will start by using this innovative, new service to create tailored Eid wishes for their friends, families, and stakeholde­rs. Starting at AED 20 per postcard, the service is currently available for delivery within the UAE and will be subsequent­ly rolled out for delivery across internatio­nal markets. New Al Ghaith factory to recycle 60 tonnes of CO2 daily 100,000m2 liquid CO2 plant hosted by ZonesCorp to use the latest technology to capture and recycle industrial emission establishm­ents that prioritise their compliance to the highest environmen­tal standards and contribute significan­tly to the industrial GDP growth of Abu Dhabi Emirate. Such efforts make our economic zones more attractive to all types of investment activities, and further boost our status as the largest operator of economic zones in the emirate.” Al Khadar added: “ZonesCorp’s advanced infrastruc­ture, strategic location, integrated facilities, services and connectivi­ty with neighbouri­ng markets enable the companies and factories operating from our economic zones to increase the efficiency of their production and expand business presence in the region.” Almamoon Al-baadani, General Manager, Al Ghaith Industries, said: “We are pleased to open our latest liquefied carbon dioxide plant within ICAD-I through our strategic partnershi­p with ZonesCorp, which has materialis­ed in a total investment of AED300 million. In addition to reiteratin­g our active role in promoting Abu Dhabi’s leading position as an industrial hub, the facility demonstrat­es our continued commitment to promoting excellence in customer relations by delivering best-in-class services and products.” Fatima Al Hammadi, director, Industrial Zones, ZonesCorp, said: “The opening of Al Ghaith Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Factory marks an important addition to the quality and range of industrial products manufactur­ed within our zones. The facility also supports our strategic plans to attract more industrial investors and offer innovative products and services that cater to the evolving needs of the industrial sector that continues to drive economic diversific­ation in the emirate.” The new liquefied carbon dioxide production plant uses the latest methods to capture carbon dioxide released from the production of chlorine and alkali in different stages of manufactur­ing. The facility helps minimise environmen­tally harmful carbon emissions which are the main cause of climate change and global warming. Using the latest equipment, the end product is purified to a concentrat­ion level of 99.9%, making it clean and ecofriendl­y to be used in beverage, oil, water treatment and many other manufactur­ing industries. Unlike the old technologi­es that used geoenginee­ring and bioenergy to treat and store carbon emissions, limiting its commercial utilisatio­n, the stateof-the-art technology used by Al Ghaith Industries converts captured harmful gases into a useful and safe product. ZonesCorp,thelargest operator of purposebui­lt economic zones in the UAE, announced the opening of a factory that produces liquefied carbon dioxide, which is widely used in several food and manufactur­ing industries. Launched by Al Ghaith Industries within the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi I (ICAD I), the new facility covers a total area of 100,000 square metres and has a total production capacity of 60 tonnes per day. Using the latest eco-friendly technologi­es, the first of its kind facility in the UAE captures harmful gases from the manufactur­ing process and recycles them into a clean and eco-friendly product. Commenting on the latest facility, His Excellency Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, Acting Director-General of ZonesCorp, said: “We are proud to host an increasing number of industrial 11 LOGISTICS MIDDLE EAST | JULY-AUGUST 2020 www.logisticsm­iddleeast.com

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