Logistics Middle East : 2020-07-01

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EITHAD CARGO FEATURE | cal administra­tive tasks face a real challenge. It is obviously very difficult to scan and print paper air waybills, physically carry them to the warehouses, or place them in pouches in this environmen­t that mandates social distancing. At Etihad Cargo, having embarked in our digitalisa­tion journey 24 months ago, we were able to seamlessly shift into mobile teams that can work from home for their safety while ensuring the utmost safety procedures and technologi­es are in place for our frontline heroes working on ground, ramp and warehouses, in addition to our loadmaster­s and pilots. Our digital capabiliti­es supported our own operations and clients’ minimising the need for paper airway bills and physical transactio­ns having achieved 75 per cent mark for Electronic Air Waybill penetratio­n in the past quarter - up from 16 per cent during the same period last year. In addition, our investment in the Cargo Control Centre effectivel­y supported our customers’ needs every step of the journey as it continues to be the neve centre of our operations. How important is it that air cargo operators invest in digitalisa­tion post-pandemic? Haleema Al Hosani, senior manager global accounts and loyalty at Etihad Cargo Investing in a long-term digital strategy is more important than ever to streamline procedures, accommodat­e customers with smooth online processes and generally weather the storm of the pandemic. Covid-19 has allowed us to truly leverage the online functional­ities we began developing 24 months ago when Etihad Cargo begun its digital transforma­tion journey. Customers are responding very well to our enhanced online booking features on etihadcarg­o.com and our partner portals, and to seamless access to track and trace with in-built messaging functional­ity on our mobile platform which resulted in increased efficiency. 17 LOGISTICS MIDDLE EAST | JULY-AUGUST 2020 www.logisticsm­iddleeast.com

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