Logistics Middle East : 2020-07-01

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COVER STORY Premier’s solution to address last mile delivery concerns is a ‘pick up drop off service’. “We call it PUDO, short for pick up and drop off, and it’s unlike any other seen in the UAE before” he says with a smile on his face. To make PUDO a possibilit­y Premier signed an agreement with Parcelly, a UK-based globally renowned company that specialise­s in last mile deliveries. But pick up and drop off services are not new to the region, and is definitely not a concept that the UAE hasn’t seen before. So what sets the Premier-Parcelly solution apart? “Parcelly has the fastest growing network of retailer and carrier agnostic PUDO locations, managing in excess of 2,000 parcel collection points worldwide to date. By converting redundant space in local businesses into parcel storage capacity, Parcelly offers a variety of B2C and B2B services, including click and collect and hyper-local mini-warehousin­g to resolve industry problems associated with first and last mile delivery.” In simple terms an item will be delivered to a grocery store in the receiver’s building of residence, or it could be picked up from a service station or gym —the possibilit­ies are endless. And Khushalani says this new solution will “transform the industry” as we know it. The joint venture between Premier Logistics and Parcelly aims to operate and manage more than 1,000 PUDO locations within the region. Khushalani says the focus has shifted, in a much larger way, on to e-commerce and online shopping. And the company’s plans of digital transforma­tion tie in with the shifting sands. “Last mile delivery has always been an important element of the e-commerce customer experience. Demand has spiked massively following the Covid-19 outbreak, even more so when you factor in social distancing measures taken by government­s around the world. The ability for retailers to make products accessible to consumers is affected by two major factors: stock availabili­ty and delivery capacity,” he notes. LOGISTICS HAS TRADITIONA­LLY BEEN AN ASSET HEAVY INDUSTRY, GROWTH IS OFTEN MEASURED WITH THE NUMBER OF WAREHOUSES UNDER A COMPANY’S BELT. BUT WE FORESEE OUR GROWTH BY LEVERAGING OUR PARTNERS’ STRENGTHS.” 24 | LOGISTICS MIDDLE EAST JULY 2020 www.logisticsm­iddleeast.com

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