Logistics Middle East : 2020-07-01



SPECIAL REPORT KNOWLEDGE PARTNER| LOG SQUARE MOVING AROUND Automation is transformi­ng the age-old logistics industry, and LogSquare is playing a critical part to balance human capital and machines L company is a pioneer when it comes to high density storage solutions in the Middle East and African region. With numerous implementa­tions across several countries it has compiled a wealth of expertise in this space. Adem says: “The best part about LogSquare is that we are a systems integrator and we are able to adopt our solutions to what our clients’ needs, there is no concept of pre-defined solutions with us. “Our approach to automation and digitisati­on is with a view to further strengthen the core team of any company. We try to empower personnel in any LSP or supply chain to further perform, while doing more with less. The objective is not for machines to replace people, however, beyond a certain limit you need assistance from machines to scale operations.” generally designed to minimise the space within warehouses and to obtain higher levels of efficiency and productivi­ty. LogSquare’s ASRS range of products addresses small, medium pallet loads through families of cranes and shuttles with a wide range of load handling devices. The mini-load cranes are able to move goods ranging from 50kgs to 500kgs, whereas the company’s maxi-load offering is able to move goods ranging from 500kgs to 2,500kgs-plus. Another example is seen with the LS 770 PSH and LS 780 Mover, which are used for the storage of pallets and containers up to 1500 kg in multiple depth storage configurat­ions. The LS 770 PSH is paired with an ASRS machine. Jacques Adem, executive director, LogSquare tells Logistics ME that the ogSquare is by no means a young player in the market when it comes to warehouse automation and robotics. Over the last decade the Dubai-based logistics turnkey supplier has assisted many companies realise their digital transforma­tion goals. LogSquare offers a long list of solutions some of which include conveyor and sortation systems which is split into three lines of applicatio­n. The company also specialise­s in advanced picking modules, rail transporta­tion, robotics and AGV, movers and rack clad solutions to name a few. A key component in LogSquare’s suite of offerings is its automated storage and retrieval solution (ASRS). An ASRS is 30 | LOGISTICS MIDDLE EAST JULY-AUGUST 2020 www.logisticsm­iddleeast.com

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