Logistics Middle East : 2020-07-01

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FEATURE SWISSLOG | THE TIME TO AUTOMATE IS NOW Automation can result in lowering costs not only for logistics companies but for clients as well Covid-19 has dramatical­ly changed customer behaviour, presenting a new set of challenges for the supply chain industry. Businesses have lost critical response time during the crisis, and many failed to collect the essential data needed to identify opportunit­ies or make informed inventory choices. Another challenge faced by retailers was labour constraint­s amid restrictio­ns and the necessity to keep those frontline onsite employees safe. Automated warehouse solutions and the right automation technology can help brick and mortar stores evolve their models to remain viable and profitable. An industry that has been slow to go digital has now meaningful­ly shifted technology adoption, due to the pandemic. Demand for e-grocery services is now accelerati­ng and e-grocery automation is no longer an option, it is a requiremen­t for survival. Swisslog automation experts can help you quickly determine the right fulfilment approach and identify the flexible automation technology that — fits your operation. Learn more by downloadin­g Swisslog’s new e-book, “A Shopper’s Guide to E-Grocery Fulfillmen­t.” Now is the time to embrace new automation technologi­es to weather future disruption in the post Covid-19 era. Warehouse automation is an extremely attractive option for many businesses looking to increase storage capacity within their existing infrastruc­ture in a convenient and efficient manner. A recent PwC survey indicates that CFOs from across different sectors are now increasing­ly focused on implementi­ng automation within supply chain functions, as they exit the initial shock period of the current. Integratin­g automation technology including using robots to pick and pack online orders will result in lower prices and faster fulfilment, accelerati­ng demand for online shopping and creating meaningful opportunit­ies to advance market share. 32 | LOGISTICS MIDDLE EAST JULY-AUGUST 2020 www.logisticsm­iddleeast.com

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