Logistics Middle East : 2020-07-01

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INFINITE IT SOLUTIONS FEATURE | With the Smart Dubai initiative undertaken by the UAE government the ‘paperless’ concept has already gained a foothold across the region. “We are pleased to see that many private companies are committed to Smart Dubai pledging to reduce their own paper consumptio­n in B2B transactio­ns,” Spirała comments. can avoid any potential penalties arising from noncomplia­nce. At Infinite IT Solutions we make sure that each e-invoice has the highest data accuracy before it reaches the accounts payable software, making the AP process fully automated and touchless” Spirała reveals. However going paperless in the supply chain can mean much more than exchanging documents digitally. Spirała says it’s a new approach to managing business data and communicat­ing with business partners. Electronic document signing is one of the pillars of digitising supply chain processes, it goes a long way in realising the concept of a ‘touchless economy’. Spirała explains: “Let’s take an example of a customer signing delivery papers. In the paper-based scenario, the delivery note has to be printed out, handed to the delivery team, signed by a customer and only then the document makes its way back to the head office to be archived. “What if the delivery note was signed by the customer on a tablet? That’s the concept Infinite IT Solutions wants to promote, adding the biometric analysis of a signature in order to ensure the highest security standards. Whether on a business trip, at office or working from home you can sign any business document, including contracts, on a tablet or via a web platform.” Elsewhere in the Middle East, Infinite Paperless Suite is saving retailers, 3PLs, manufactur­ers, distributo­rs and suppliers significan­t costs on their supply chain operations. The company has helped several establishm­ents realise its digital transforma­tion goals which include Integrated National Logistics, Hisense Middle East Trading, Truebell Marketing and Trading, NTDE, and Transmed to name just a few. PAPERLESS IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN “In recent years, with the introducti­on of VAT across the UAE, we have seen that e-invoicing with supply chain partners has become a priority for many local businesses. Electronic invoicing helps achieve total transparen­cy of invoice circulatio­n between seller / buyer and tax authoritie­s. This way both sellers and buyers 39 LOGISTICS MIDDLE EAST | JULY-AUGUST 2020 www.logisticsm­iddleeast.com

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