Logistics Middle East : 2020-07-01

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| THE BACK PAGE FIVE MINUTES WITH... FIVE MINUTES WITH... KISHORE LAKHANI, CHAIRMAN- INDU GROUP, DUBAI KISHORE LAKHANI, CHAIRMAN, INDU GROUP HOW HAS THE PANDEMIC CHANGED YOUR OPERATIONS? This facility is located in National Industries Park (located in Dubai) and from this location we provide storage, fulfilment and last mile solutions. As e-commerce is a new sector within our portfolio, the team has had to work round the clock to make sure it grows to the potential we planned. So this year is all about managing what we currently have and aggressive­ly growing this new division. Other than taking the necessary safety measures across our facilities, fortunatel­y, it has been business as usual. Indu Logistics has always adhered to a lean cost structure which has enabled us to reap the benefits of a good market and ensure stability during tougher times. WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 5 TIPS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENE­URS? WHAT LONG-TERM EFFECTS WILL COVID-19 HAVE ON THE LOGISTICS INDUSTRY? It’s important to be conservati­ve and build your reserves when the market is ambitious and invest when the market is cautious. At times you have to take a step back to move forward. Never forget to appreciate your competitio­n — you can learn from their success and failures. Always remember inside each problem lies an opportunit­y. I believe the effects are yet to come to life, and we should guard ourselves from all sides to face tough times ahead. In an already competitiv­e industry and with Covid-19, everyday seems to bring about a new challenge. Companies that are not primed for changes will definitely face a hit. Covid-19 has shaken all businesses in every single part of the world and to ensure growth during this period, I think it is imperative to take a step back and re-organise certain aspects of the business model. This can be simple measures such as focusing more on e-commerce, or adopting revenue generating services around the HSE side of the business. HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR FREE TIME AND UNWIND WHEN NOT IN THE WORLD OF LOGISTICS? I love spending time with my grandchild­ren and the lockdown has given me abundant opportunit­ies to be with them which has been great. We also have interests in the world of travel retail, which is an industry that never sleeps. With the recent worldwide lockdown, we need to now look at reinvigora­ting this sector with an industriou­s perspectiv­e. WHAT IS THE OUTLOOK FOR INDU LOGISTICS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR? This year we inaugurate­d Indu’s first e-commerce facility. 42 | LOGISTICS MIDDLE EAST JULY-AUGUST 2020 www.logisticsm­iddleeast.com

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